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A workaround to use SQL IN clause in TableAdapters

This article is a simple implementation on how to use parameterized SQL query with IN clause or unknown number of parameters in TableAdapter.

When modifying those ancient database access codes, SQL query strings appear in the form of concatenated string very often. These codes are hard to read, maintain and prone to SQL Injection. Using DataSet Designer can easily improve it by accessing database with parameterized commands. But DataSet Designer does not support automatically generating commands with parameterized IN clause.

The idea of this article is originated from Extending TableAdapters for Dynamic SQL on The Code Project. The article demonstrate a way to change the command text programmatically by extending the TableAdapter which is defined as a partial class from the DataSet Designer. What’s not covered is how to parameterized the command.
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Posted by on May 22, 2012 in .NET, ADO.NET, Oracle, SQL, VB


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